The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project was started in September of 2008 by John and Linda Stoeffler to support the families of our men and women serving in the American Armed Forces. Their goal: Providing a small oval-shaped pillow featuring a picture of a child's Mom or Dad in uniform that they can hug and hold no matter how far away they may be in the world defending Freedom.


Sweet Dream Pillows are sent to the children of those serving in the Armed Forces at no cost. Photos can be sent to the Sweet Dreams Pillow Project via the website at PillowProjectUsa.Com. Once the picture is received, it is then transferred via high-heat press to the material that is then cut appropriately, sewn in place with a fleece backing, and sent to a growing volunteer staff who literally make the pillows happen.


Pillows are then sent to locations around the world to help provide comfort to the children of our brave men and women serving.

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"There was a young son of a Marine and when he would connect with his Father over the phone he wouldn't talk to him. He wasn't mad, he was furious. Then he got his pillow, he showed it to everyone and the next time his Daddy called he talked to him."


To be eligible for a Sweet Dreams Pillow, those serving must be deployed for at last 3 months. The photos used must feature the parent serving in uniform, which will also be cropped appropriately to fit the pillow as needed.


The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project has also had the privilege of creating a pillow for those Killed in Action (KIAs). Recently, a friend of one of the families who received a pillow, whose father was killed in action wrote, "You've made the most loved pillow that has ever been made. When he goes to sleep, he's got his arms around it and when he wakes up in the morning? He STILL has his arms around it, no matter what position he's in."


Creating the Sweet Dreams Pillows, John admits, "I get emotional, it'll get to you, but in a good way."

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"We like to think that we are at least making some small difference in the lives of these children," says John Stoeffler, The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project Director.


War is fought by the young, suffered by the women and children and started by older men who should know better."  -- John Stoeffler, The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project


The feelings children have are truly universal: They miss their parent. The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project provides the children of those brave Americans serving to enjoy, remember and rest well. 


"I am a small and precious child, My Dad's been sent to fight. The only place I'll see his face is in my dreams late at night. He will be gone for far too long for my young mind to keep track, I may sad, but I am proud because my Daddy's got your back."
 --Author unknown