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Read on below to get the answers you need about ordering and securing YOUR Sweet Dreams Pillow!


Q.) How do I order my pillow?

Click here to be taken to the Order page at our website. Fill in all the details, included a photo (the form allows you to do that) and you're good to go!


Q.) My photo didn't attach to my form submission: What do I do now? 

Please send your desired photo to or directly to us at


Q.) My picture is WAY TOO SMALL to be used for the pillow. What do I do now?

Please send another picture and if there is a problem we will so advise. Keep in mind that we have to be able to print a clear 8 x 10 picture on the pillow. If you have a printer try printing out an 8 x 10 size as this will give you an idea as to how it will look. Be sure to send all pictures as a JPEG file. A smile by the subject is comforting to a child.... so smile. Also, children like to be able to see a parent's eyes so no sun shades. Also keep in mind that caps with bills tend to cast a shadow over the eyes. We prefer color pictures as they turn out much better. We reserve the right to crop a picture to eliminate a lot of unnecessary background so that we can focus on the subject.


Q.) Do I nave to fill out more than one form for each child?

No. You can sumply put up to three children on one form and you're good to go!


Q.) Can my pillow's shipping be expedited?

No. We ship by US Priority Mail. As a rule packages usually take 2 - 3 days unless they are going to an APO or FPO address. which will take longer.


Q.) I would like to donate to your effort/cause. What do I do to accomplish this?

Donations are always welcome may be mailed to: Sweet Dreams Pillow Project   5108 Brittany Dr. S #302 St. Petersburg, FL 33715


Q.) How many pillows has the Sweet Dream Pillow Project sent out to date?

Since we began our Sweet Dreams Pillow Project in September of 2008 as of August 2016 we have shipped these special pillows to over 10,000 children.


Q.) I'm having trouble wih the website. How can I connect with you to get my order completed?

So sorry for your trouble. Please send an Email to info at 


Q.) Will you ever give my information to a third party outlet or sell my information?

No - your information will never be sold or released.


Q.) Can I have two pillows? One for my house and one for my ex's house?

Our mission is to comfort the children of those members of our armed forces. As such only the children of those who are currently deployed for three months or more or will be deployed in the coming 4 weeks for three months or more are eligible to receive these special pillows.


Q.) My son/daughter's pillow has been lost/stolen/has disappeared. May we order another? Is there a period of time we need to wait?

Comforting the children is a priority so we are open to making a replacement. Contact us and let us know what happened. In a recent case a mother contacted us and told us her daughter was sick and threw up on her pillow and her daughter was most distraught. We were pleased to make a replacement. There is no time limit.


Q.) We'd like to have more than one pillow. May I pay you extra money to have it.them?

Pillows are for the children. Each child gets their own pillow. We do not sell pillows.


Q.) Do you deliver pillows to PO Boxes?  Yes


Q.) Do you accept photos of those who are being/have been deployed who are not in uniform?

To ensure that only those members of our armed forces currently on active duty and deployed we require that the parent be dressed in a recognizable uniform. If a good picture in uniform is not available we will accept one in civilian clothes but this must be accompanied by a picture of the parent in uniform. No exceptions.


Q.) What is the timeline to receive a pillow typically, from the form submission date to it arriving at my home?

We usually ship in 10 to 15 working days.


Q.) We received our pillow recently, and it was damaged. What should we do to get a replacement?

Contact us directly at info at and let us know.