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“Thank you so much for the pillow! Kaycie didn’t have a great day as school yesterday but when she came home and saw her pillow for the first time she perked right up. Her mommy pillow slept with her last night and even ate breakfast with us this morning. Thank you, thank you!! What a blessing you are!”  
Amy H. (Kaycie’s grandmother)



“I just want to say thank you so much for the pillows. My kids love them. My son can’t stop crying this pillow means so much to him. He really misses his father so much and this is going to help him so much.” Sheila R. (She sent a picture of her two children with their Sweet Dreams Pillows)



“Thank you very much for the pillow. My daughter was very surprised and happy. Her dad will be gone until April of 2016. This is the first ‘long’ deployment in 7 years and her being 11 it is taking a toll on her. Her pillow put a big smile on my sweet girl’s face. Thank you! Amy S.



“As military families we fact a lot of challenges, and our children face sad and sometimes lonely times. With your project you give our children smiles and something to temporarily ‘fill this void.’ What you do is amazing! Thank you for the beautiful pillows. My children love them! You all are a godsend.”  Karen, Charlie & Olivia P.



“Thank you for the pillow. It was so amazing to open and see my daughter’s eyes light up. She carries around her ‘daddy pillow’ all over the house :)” Taylor G.



“Thank you so much for the pillow. My son loves it. My husband has been gone a lot in the past three years on back-to-back deployments and off and on my son would wake up screaming. He is doing much better now. May God bless you 7 x’s 7.” Sarah A.
“All I can say is THANK YOU! Our pillows are being loved, even more than I expected. And a couple of them are soaking up tears.” Jessica G.



“We received the pillows and my boys love them very much. They kiss daddy’s picture and put the pillows in their beds so daddy can watch over them while they sleep. They always enjoyed the many cuddles daddy gave them at bedtime so the pillows help a lot.” Diana M.



“I just wanted to write you and say thank you very much for the pillow. My daughter Madison is in love with it and it really means the world to my wife and me. My biggest fear leaving my daughter so young and for so long is that she wouldn’t remember who I am when I come home. But your pillow will hopefully help that. She is now learning to say “Dada”. I’m so thankful that she has something now that she can point at and hold onto when she is looking for ‘dada”. Thank you very much and God bless.” Randall M. – U.S.M.C.
“Thank you for taking the time to do these pillows for my girls and other kids. When their parents are gone every little thing counts so the pillows are perfect.” Daniella W.



“My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and for the last two days my daughter has cried missing him. Given the recent events that have taken place over the last 24 hours (Their house was damaged in a storm so they have been living in a hotel) and with dad being gone the disruption of our “normal” life has been off. So imagine her surprise when we came home to find a package for her and pull out a pillow with her dad’s picture on it. She couldn’t have been happier. (She included a picture of her daughter with her Sweet Dreams Pillow) Thank you for dedication and kindness to the military and those affected by a never ending war.” Lisa C.  



“My four children (ages 11, 9, 9, 1) are using their pillows daily to snuggle as they miss their daddy so very much! Thank you just doesn’t seem to express how grateful I am to you! What you do is so significant.” Heather S.



"My daughter is 14 and even thought it isn't cool to admit how much she misses dad I still see her pillow in her bed every night. My son is 2 years old and still has a hard time understanding why daddy is away. He calls it his daddy pillow and it goes with him everywhere! Now any time he misses daddy he just hugs his pillow. He truly loves it!  Kim T.




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